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Only proceed with this form if you are submitting an application as a Regular member. Associate and Seniority membership forms are available from the main menu. Definitions are described below:
Regular Member: Has applied for and accepted as a member with a boat on the dock.
Seniority Membership is available for one (1) year after a regular membership to protect seniority with no boat.
Associate Membership is available to those who want to support the Club and take part in social activities.

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I have read the OBC Storm Preparedness Plan and agree that I have a good understanding of the entire contents of the document, and I completely understand my responsibilities as a boat owner to protect my property at the OBC Marina.
I further agree that I have a good working knowledge of the required procedures outlined in the OBC Storm Preparedness Plan and will cooperate fully with the SCG."

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Pets at the Marina

*All pets must be brought onto the docks by leash (and that leash held by a human) or cage to their owners’ boat. All pets must be in a secure area on their boats where they cannot gain access to the docks. At Social events pets are to be kept on your boat.
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Key Cards

We use proximity cards for the main gate. There is a $25 deposit required for each card, and you are allowed two per boat initially. If you require more, see the dockmaster.

Key Card(s) Note for Returning Members Please include Existing Key Card Serial numbers in fields below*
Member's Declaration: I hereby apply for membership to the Oromocto Boat Club Inc.. As a condition of membership I understand and agree that my membership will not be renewed unless all documentation is complete and submitted with the registration form.
I Understand that by submitting this form, I agree to this declaration and that it does not in any way reduce or limit the responsibility of the Oromocto Boat Club with respect to the carrying out of the operations.
I make the following declaration: 1. Identification of Risk I am fully aware and conscious of the dangers involved in the performance of all events and of the dangers caused by the operations of the Oromocto docks. I recognize that there is a risk in boating. I know and accept that the above mentioned dangers may threaten anyone within the dock area, and may include environmental conditions, technical equipment, and atmospheric influences as well as natural or man-made obstacles. I am aware that certain movements or actions cannot always be anticipated or controlled and therefore cannot be avoided or prevented through safety measures.
2. Acknowledgement of Risk I acknowledge that it is up to me personally to assess whether any obstacles are on the docks. I agree, that I will conduct my own inspection and I will immediately notify the executive or dock masters of any obvious safety concerns I may have. By docking my vessel, or taking part in club activities, I acknowledge acceptance of the suitability and condition of the docks. I also agree that I am responsible for the choice of equipment I have used to secure my vessel to the docks, and the selection of my docking and undocking procedures and my ability to handle my vessel.
3. Personal Liability I understand that I may be found personally liable to third parties for damages arising from bodily injury or property damage that they have suffered as a result of my or my families actions. I agree that it is not the responsibility of the Oromocto Boat Club to inspect or supervise my vessel and equipment. I also agree that I will make myself familiar with the applicable regulations and by laws governing the operations of the Oromocto Boat Club. This Memberships Declaration is also binding on any relatives, personal representatives, heirs, successors, beneficiaries, next of kin or assigns who might pursue and legal action. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, I agree that for all activities organized by the Oromocto Boat Club, the club may elect to enforce any waiver, release of liability, indemnity or hold harmless agreement made with me that is more restrictive than this Membership Declaration and I agree to bound by that election.
I confirm that, if my application is accepted, I, and all persons on my boat, will comply with all the rules of the Club as outlined in the Rules & Regulations, By-laws, Member’s Declaration, OBC Emergency Preparedness Plan, the 2020 OBC Operating Plan, and any other rules from time to time, approved by the membership or by the executive members of the Club, acting on behalf of the membership. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of the space that has been allotted to me.
By checking the box below, you indicate that you fully understand the Member’s Declaration Agreement and that all forms have been completely filled out, signed and are accompanied with the Proof of Insurance and Payment in Full (Interac e-Transfer can be sent to [email protected]). Membership Agreement(Required)
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